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Welcome to Paragonia!

ParagoniaRP is a new (obviously) community looking to build and grow into something really special. Something we can all be proud of and and be a part of. Our journey begins in the game of Unturned, where the stage has been set for those ambitious Gumby-esque survivors to make history.

About Me, the Owner/Founder guy: My name is Trent, but most will know me by my IGN "The Paragon". I am a 22 year old from Texas, and I have been Roleplaying on games such as WoW, Rift, DnD, LotRO, Rust, Minecraft, and Unturned, and I'm sure about a hundred others. I know what a truly glorious roleplaying community can be, and how much fun a proper, mature roleplaying experience can be. That's what I seek here. I know the nerdiest among us exist, and I want us all to find one another.

About the Server: The premise is simple but different. The world has been sundered and slowly the droplets of survivors have conglomerated into city-states with drastically different ideals, desires, and tactics. It became obvious that a new war was coming. The real extinction event. A Parley was had to decide rules of engagement for all factions (Rules). After each month, (or anytime something significant happens) I will add a chapter to the Lore, praising heroes, shaming villains, and declaring the state of the war. Every player will have an opportunity to immortalize themselves in canon even if they move on. Kits containing uniforms and supplies are designed for each faction respectively. Each Faction receives a "Bonus" specific to the culture of the faction.

Feel free to contact me on Steam: The Paragon
on here: message me I guess (vote here):
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