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The Fall:

The world as it was, as you know it, ended. The toils of mankind were evident and served as a constant reminder of our folly. Pretty things no longer had a place in a world berthed in harsh necessity. The air was thick with death. Screams filled the streets, panic swallowed the minds of the masses. Billions died. Billions turned. Eventually all governments, groups, and militants were forced into small controllable tracts of land or bunkers. Sometimes the most desperate of strongholds. Here they built. They conquered. They persevered.
Those who were strong enough, skilled enough, or lucky enough made it out of the cities. Broken families struggled, and learned the ways of the After. Eventually, people found new families. Tribes formed, were destroyed, enslaved or otherwise disbanded until few remained. This is where our lot is to pick up. At the Dawn of a new age. The winner will decide how the world is to be. A new society. As if the Fall was not enough of a lesson for mankind to betray its violent nature. There was to be war.

The Silence and the Dawn: For many years these groups were isolated by distance and the dead. Unable to branch too far from their homes for the hordes were still freshly resurrected. Bit by bit, the hordes were thinned. As if a visceral fog had been lifted from the vale of the world, the groups found one another. Some meetings went well, others ended in the cruelest forms of depravity. After a few years of botched politics and subversion, they finally found a topic on which they all agreed...It had to end.

The Ragnar Accord:
Delegations and small security details all met on the 9th year After Fall on Ragnar Island to discuss the terms of engagement, and guidelines for this conflict. These sets of wartime rules were known as the Ragnar Accord. All men and women are subject to them. (See Rules) The War for Paragonia had begun.

The Factions:
These are the 4 Factions available for players to join. More factions may be added, changed, or disbanded throughout the storyline.

The Church of the Fallen or simply The Church:

The Church of the Fallen was the result of the darkest reaches of the human psyche. It began in a cleared section of metro subway. Homeless people had sought refuge, convicts, the scum of the dead society. The derelict and damned formed a cult to the dead and began to view themselves as doomed. They came to "The Cave" with little to nothing. They had only their lives and their wills, although very few retained their minds for long. They forged strange rituals with the dead to protect themselves. They would torture unfortunate travelers or enemies for amusement. They did it all in the name of the Fallen. They believed that life was just a temporary condition before we all turned and that the world should burn. Overtime the Church reformed their philosophies and aims under the leadership of one they called "The Paragon".
This new direction brought the Church to the peak of power for a time, leading to the name-sake of the region disputed. Paragonia. The Church maintained their secret rituals of taboo, but began to offer to convert those they met before cannibalizing them upon refusal. They gained a great many zealots and were feared. The Church wants the world to see the world and people for what they are, undeserving, violent, disgusting, greedy, scum. They want whats left of the world to see what it's like to have nothing, not even control of their lives. Oh, and don't forget the tithe.

Colors: Black/Purple
Bonus: NVG for affinity to the darkness


The organization called Phoenix is comprised of politicians, elite military guards, and other people of influence before the Fall. They were one of the few military refugee encampments that survived raids from other tribes, or weren't overrun from an outbreak inside the quarantined zones. During the Silence refugees were made to perform menial tasks in exchange for protection. Leave it to the alphas to form an oligarchy.
They see it as an honor to serve mankind its rulers. This has the scent of the Fall all over it, but perhaps being controlled is what the world needs. That's for you to decide.
Colors:Red and Tan
Bonus: 2 fragmentation grenades

The Colonists:

After a particularly intense raid on the Phoenix compound about 2 years before the Dawn, the refugees who'd been subjugated escaped through a cut fence. They fled to the farthest corners of Paragonia, fearing their pursuers seeking to enthrall them. They had brought with them a great caravan of tools with which to forge their empire. They are largely a peaceful quiet folk, who prefer to create in a world gone to destruction and mayhem. They were trained by the Phoenix to some degree and had found a hidden cache of rebel weapons hidden in the hills. They were crafty and desperate and prepared to do anything to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their new homeland.

Colors: Moss/RCMP Hat
Bonus: Seeds, fertilizer (food will be scarce so far after the Fall)

BioCorp Ind.:

The BioCorp Industries corporate heads and their security spent the entirety of the Silence in their bunkers. Their arrival in large part began the events that have caused the Dawn. These new players were ill-received by other factions. Their arrogance and greed know no bounds. They believe that the world is as it has always been. 'He who has the gold has the power.'
They have great stores of money, but little else left, which prompted these rich rats out of their dens. They will be forced to get along with the indigenous scum in order to gather supplies to survive.

Colors: Blue/White
Bonus: In-game currency
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