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The Ragnar Accords

Rules of Engagement, Trade, Warfare, Punishments

1. Murder of defenseless, or unaware person is illegal and is punishable by temporary or permanent banishment from Paragonia. -No Killing on Sight at all. No murder of unarmed people. Rules of robbery to be explained below. Keep Reading.

2. Robberies cannot take place on faction territories, or against members of your own faction.

3. Robber must only ask for 1 item or category of item, and must allow the robbed player 15 full seconds counted aloud to provide the demanded item(s) or fight back.

4. If the robbed player begins violence with the robber, a 150 meter area around the shooting is a warzone for the next 5 minutes, all killing is allowed.

5.Hostages may only be taken if members of the hostage's faction are online to ransom him or decide his fate. Zip ties or handcuffs must be used. 15 second allowance applies. Same rules as robbery.

6. Raiding is an act of war or culture, it is not to be taken lightly and griefing is bannable, but raiding is still allowed as of now.

7. Uniforms are to be worn at all times, may be altered, but it must be blatantly obvious which faction you belong to. (clothes dont drop on death)

8. Wearing another factions' uniform is bannable.

9. No scamming trades. Ambushes are acceptable, but robbery rules apply. (Trying to promote some commerce)

10. Please respect the rules and each other and remain in character as much as possible! Thanks for reading!
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